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Standing Ovation Program Review

What is the Standing Ovation Program Review? The Evergreen District’s Standing Ovation Program Review (SOP/SOR) is a tool to help your chapter or quartet put on shows that are well organized and well run, plus are tops in entertainment! And using this tool is easy to do…and inexpensive, as well!


How does it work? Here’s how an SOP/SOR evaluation works: If you wish to have your upcoming show evaluated, contact the SOP/SOR Chair after you receive show approval from the District Secretary. A trained Evaluator will come to your show as an observer and the ONLY cost to you is a couple tickets to the show, and maybe to the Afterglow if you have one. Easy? You bet. All other expenses, if any, are borne by the District.

The Evaluator will get in touch with whomever you designate as your show contact and set up the particulars as to where, when, location, times, etc. After the performance he will go over a few points he has noted (on a positive note!) and offer some more feedback as to what might improve your next performance in the way of “missed opportunities.” You can see the form we use HERE.

The only people to see the review are you and the Evaluator. You may or may not want to share it with your singers, but neither the SOP/SOR Chair nor the District gets a copy. There is also a form for you to evaluate the Evaluator, which only goes to the SOP/SOR Chair; this helps us keep top notch people as reviewers.

It’s all a great tool to help you improve on your performances and fill that auditorium with return patrons…and it’s almost free! 

Can we give your chapter a Standing Ovation Program Review evaluation at your next show? We are ready for your requests! Get in contact with us a month or two ahead of time, in order to set things up. Then away we go to helping make your next show get that “Standing Ovation” we’re all looking for! (And here is a document to help you get started on your next show: SOP Elements of a Good Show Package).

Who do I contact? To inquire about our Standing Ovation Program Review, contact Bill Hickman (2023 EVP).