1/6/22   —  It’s January. Did your chapter pay any independent contractor $600 or more? Then you need to issue a 1099-NEC and send a copy to the person you paid (director, for example), a copy for your files, and a copy for the IRS with the cover sheet form 1096.

You can get these forms from the IRS. You are not allowed to download and print that form. There is a color issue. Go to, click on Employer and Information Returns and order the two forms. Keep scrolling. Make sure you ask for 1099-NEC AND 1096.

When done selecting scroll to the bottom of the page to finish the ordering (no cost). I always order 2 of each form in case I make a mistake. They will mail you the forms. 

If you need help, email or call me at 541-895-3239.


The big three are, of course,

  • maintaining your corporate identity as a non-profit corporation with your state or province,
  • filing (if required, Canadian treasurers) a form 990 or your CRA with your appropriate agency, and
  • completing a financial review.

BHS requires all three be reported to them in the Member Center and the file should also be uploaded there. (No, I don’t need them, but if you want me to view them I don’t mind.)

You may also see occasional changes to BHS information. If you need something we are not providing, contact the Evergreen treasurer.

Don Thorn 541-895-3239

Evergreen District Treasurer

Don Thorn
Phone:  541-895-3239

IRS Tax Form 990-N 

Most chapters have to do the IRS tax Form 990-N. Click HERE for a detailed set of instructions on how to do so. From the very beginning.
You can also find it by going to and doing a search for “5248.” 

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