Advertising is not marketing, but advertising is part of the marketing plan…

Evergreen Chapter
Marketing Advisor

Greg Kronlund, the Evergreen District Chapter Marketing Advisor is a 41-year Sales and Marketing Consultant for commercial broadcast radio. A 17- year Barbershopper and 14-year NASCAR Official.   

Training Video:
SWOT Your Chapter

Take an unflinching look at your chapter to aid in future planning. There’s great value in determining your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.  This video could be used by chapter leaders as a small group planning step, but it is also designed to lead a discussion within an entire chapter.

Evergreen SWOT Worksheet
NEW-SWOT Your Chapter Flipbook

I believe we need to spend more chapter time Celebrating Success… 

A lot of little successes add up to big successes…. Practice success

Celebrate Your Little Successes - Three Examples

No live shows yet? Here's and Idea from Harmony Kings

Since the invasion of COVID, live shows have pretty much come to a halt.

Here’s an idea the Harmony Kings came up with to bring folks back to enjoy an evening of live music.


Friends & Family Night:  Not the usual guest night that barbershop choruses have at various time throughout the year.  This night was special.  Members of our chorus invited folks that usually attend our shows; maybe relatives, maybe advertisers, maybe members of various retirement centers where we have sung; pre – COVID. So, we invite them to attend one of our normal Tuesday night rehearsals. We set up the chairs in the space where we rehearse and the attendees get a favor of a Live Show, only a mini-version. Besides our chorus singing, we had several of our quartets add to the flavor. We had over 50 people show up and enjoy the evening.

It was met with great enthusiasm, and the Board decided to have another Friends and Family Night at least one more time in 2022.


Thank You Lanny Gleason for sharing…

National Night Out with the SeaChordsmen

The Seattle SeaChordsmen returned to their annual tradition of joining their local community for National Night Out.

After two years, National Night Out was back on, and so were the SeaChordsmen!

We split into two groups (one quartet and one VLQ), and canvassed the neighborhood singing some favorite songs.

We visited over a dozen block parties and sang to a few hundred of our neighbors, passing out our “Come Sing With Us” cards.
We hope we’ll see some of these folks at an upcoming show or rehearsal!

We’ve already discussed breaking into more groups (and perhaps visiting more neighborhoods) next year, to maximize our reach. We want to be prepared with drinks and walkable routes. But the evening was a ton of fun and we counted it as a success!

Please check out our website for a couple more photos and some videos!  Click picture…


Thank you Tyler Bosma for sharing…

Stampede City Chorus
July 6th on Global TV singing "O Canada"


For Canada Day, Stampede City Chorus created a video of us singing our National Anthem. After we finished it, we posted it on YouTube. Then we sent a link of the video to all our friends and relatives (and maybe even a few others).  We also posted it on our Facebook page and encouraged our members to do the same.

We also sent a YouTube link to our local radio and television stations using the ‘community news’ links they advertise.  Canada Day, July 1, came and went. Obviously, there was better news to be had that day…

Then, on July 6, one of our local TV stations, Global TV, emailed us to let us know that we would be featured on the “Good News” segment of their July 7 morning show!


Lesson learned: “You never know when the seed you plant will bear fruit, provided you keep watering it along the way.”

Indeed, it’s important to have some big events each year, but many times it’s those little events along the way that make the difference in raising awareness of your chorus… if you aren’t afraid to casually invite that conversation to whomever might listen.

Greg Verhappen, Stampede City Chorus, Calgary


You can also find this video and many more EVG videos by subscribing to our EVG YouTube channel. We’ve got some great talent in our District with some great history.


Thank you, Greg Verhappen for sharing…


Product, Price, Place, and Promotion are the four principles of marketing. What is your Product and what sets it apart from other entertainment organizations? How does Price encourage or discourage your audience? Place is how your customer will find you, both physically and emotionally. Once you’ve decided those three you can move to Promotion (advertising). Each activity of your Chapter will require a distinct set of P’s.

<Before viewing this video it will be helpful to download the Marketing  Planning Worksheet> 

Discover Your Chapter
Features and Benefits

One way to engage your members and define your chapter is to discover your Features and Benefits. This Video helps to understand this concept. Click here for a helpful worksheet


Identifying your Features and Benefits – help define your chapter,  figure out what sets your chapter apart, and aides in understanding how your chapter compares with other performance groups in your community.

Features and Benefits help build your chapter vocabulary and marketing messages.

M & M
Working Together

After two successful Marketing Zoom meetings, it has become clear there is concerns over marketing for new members and audience. The most pressing issue seems to be recruitment and retention in a pandemic world. Covid has cut deep into many chapters.

For a look at some of the membership ideas click on the M&M cover above — or CLICK HERE to download a pdf file.

A lot of little successes eventually lead to big successes.”