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Hi I'm Greg Kronlund and it's my pleasure to share thoughts, about:

"Marketing Your


Included are my articles, essays, and thought starters to help your chapter improve and prosper.


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January Planning

Barbershoppers should be in the planning stages right now for the upcoming 2-years. Are you Ready?

Features and Benefits

Chapter Features and Benefit

The reason to spend time identifying your features and benefits is to help understand your differentiation. 

Out the box

Think Outside the Box

As a marketer you need to stop thinking like a barbershopper and start thinking like your potential customer.


Digital Ground Game

It’s impossible to not make digital part of your chapters ground game. But digital comes with numerous traps. First there's so many.... 

Natural Tie-Ins

Your Chapter may have natural tie-ins that you overlook. Here's a Once Upon a Time story to explain natural tie-ins.


Simple Sample Master Calendar

Master Calendars are a useful tool for planning, identifying benchmarks, and keeping everyone on task. 

February TidBits on the Way

Larry's Archive

Selling Your Chapter

by Larry Osterman,
Evergreen Communications Team
One of the ongoing challenges for choruses is how to increase community engagement – basically, how do you let your community know you exist. If your chorus isn’t the kind of chorus that can easily sell out a 1000 seat venue for your shows, it can be a bit of a challenge to figure out how to let the community know about you.
And why does letting the community know matter? Well, that’s where you get your members. And that’s where you get your customers (whether they be for your shows, Singing Valentines, or whatever). see more……

                        Random Acts of Harmony

               An Idea worth trying again…