EVG District

photos & videos

Don’t miss all of the videos that have been added to our EVG CHANNEL on YOUTUBE! 
There are many treasurers hidden in our numerous playlists.

Enjoy some photos and videos from our choruses over recent years.

Acappella Road
ABC Rehearsal
Harmony Kings
HCNW Saturday Night Chorus
District Harmony Platoon - 1st
Naniamo Tidesmen
Pirates - Tacoma Vocal Standard

Please share photos of your chorus with all of of:  email to webmaster@evgdistrict.com.

Harmony Cabaret/Platoon - Calgary
Acappella Road
Harmony Cabaret/Platoon Chorus - Calgary
West Sound Chorus
Harmony Kings

Click on the photos below to watch videos from some of our choruses from the past.

Boise Chordsmen 2019
The Squares
PDX Voices 2019

If your chapter has a YouTube video (must be public) that you’d like included with these, please send an email with the link to me: webmaster@evgdistrict.com.

Northwest Sound - 2019
Tacoma Vocal Standard 2021
Boise Chordsmen "Kiss de Girl" 10/21
Cascade Chorus - 2021 - 75th Anniversary
Bridge Town Sound