Chapter lEADERS

The required roles that each chapter should list under their profile are: 

  • Chapter President
  • Chapter Secretary
  • Chapter Treasurer

Other roles that are not a matter of compliance but are required to have:

  • Chapter Immediate Past President
  • Chapter Board Member At Large
  • Chapter Delegate to District

Your chapter is considered a business, a non-profit corporation, and a “501 © 3” entity (as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Service) under the umbrella of the Barbershop Harmony Society (SPEBQSA, Inc).
Accordingly, there are certain legal, financial, and business requirements that must be met; some every month, some only as needed, and some on a schedule throughout the year.  Check out the Monthly Checklist page.


  • General Liability Insurance. Chapters will receive a bill near the beginning of the year for general liability insurance (bodily injury and property damage). This protects the chapter, district, and society from third-party liability claims. Chapters may not opt out of this insurance policy.
  • Property Insurance. Chapters are not automatically covered by the BHS Property Insurance.  It is an opt-in opportunity. If interested contact
  • Tax Exemption. Chapters are under the umbrella of the tax-exempt of the Barbershop Harmony Society (SPEBSQSA, Inc.) which entitles your chapter to an exemption from paying federal income taxes on chapter earnings. But… your chapter still must file necessary federally required forms. Failure to file could result in the loss of your tax-exempt status, which could result in the loss of your Society Charter unless timely reinstated.   Your chapter tax-exempt status may also entitle you to an exemption from income taxes if your state has an income tax.(Check with your state/province to verify requirements.) Your chapter tax-exempt status may also entitle your chapter to an exemption from paying sales taxes or other taxes in your state. (Check with your state/province to verify requirements.) While your chapter may be exempt from paying sales tax it may still be required to collect sales tax on chapter sales. (Check with your state/province to verify requirements.) 
  •  Soliciting Charitable Contributions.  Some states/provinces require that non-profits must register if they are soliciting charitable contribution, in some cases annually. You should check with your state/province or other appropriate agency for information about this registration requirement.
  • State/Province Offices.  Your state/province offices are valuable resources. You should consult with them about technicalities of your situation. When in doubt, ask.
Here are links to sections of the BHS’s Document Center with information and tools that chapter leaders will find useful.

BHS Member Center



Keeping our members’ information up-to-date is very important so that they don’t miss out on things happening in our Evergreen District. If you or someone in your chapter needs personal help updating contact information in Member Center …. please email or call me and I will gladly help get the member information accurate.  Judy Galloway   541-490-2481

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