Conventions and Contests

2023 dISTRICT cONVENTION - oCTOBER 20-21, 2023

Open Invitation to District 2023

One of the outcomes of the pandemic is the reluctance of chapters to host Division conventions in 2023 due to the financial risk. The House of Delegates and Board recognize this issue and approved the suspension of Division contests in 2023.

As a result, as in 2022, there will be an Open Invitation to all quartets and choruses to compete in the 2023 District Convention.

Mark your calendars for October 20-21, 2023.

Location and venue to be announced.


Spring Quartet Prelims

The House of Delegates also approved a Spring Quartet Prelims for all quartets vying for a spot at International next year. The initial proposal is that both sessions of qualifying take place on a Saturday (morning and evening) with Harmony College Northwest education “Ted Talk” sessions during the afternoon.

If the quartet finals at District are an indication, Spring Prelims is a must-see event! The dates being explored are April 22 and 29, 2023. Location and venue to be announced.

Also being considered is that Senior Quartet Prelims be held at Spring Prelims instead of at the District Convention. This would allow qualifying Seniors Quartets a few more months to prepare for MidWinter.

Seniors Quartets, what do you think of that idea? Contact

Other coming events in the Northwest or Western Canada






April 5-13

April 22-30

April 12-20


April 7-9

March 29-31

April 18-20

SAI Region 13

May 18-21

April 18-21

April 25-27

SAI Region 12

May 4-7

Apr 18-21

May 15-18

SAI Region 26

May 11-14

May 9-12

May 2-4

SAI Intl

Oct 30-Nov 4

Not posted

Not posted

FWD Prelims

Not posted

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FWD District

Oct 12-15

Oct 17-20

Not posted

CAN Thksgiv

Oct 7-9

Oct 12-14

Oct 11-13

CAN Victoria

May 19-22

May 17-20

May 16-19

Mem Day

May 26-29

May 24-27

May 23-26