EVG District

2024 District Convention / Contest

October 4-5, 2024

Come join your Evergreen District Friends at the 2024 Evergreen District Convention and Contest, “Harmony in Motion” October 4 th and 5 th in Portland Oregon.

Early Bird registration will open July 1 st ! Early Bird rates for a full weekend pass for participants will be $110 (through August 31 st ). Nonparticipant rates will be $85 (through August 31 st ). Late registration fees beginning Sept 1 st will be $135 and $110 (participant/nonparticipant) respectively. On-site registration (Oct 4th ) for participants will be $185. (All charges include local tax and processing fees).

There will be multiple ways to register this year. We will have online registration through Reg-Fox as in past years. This year you will also be able to register your chorus or quartet using one form. That form will be sent via e-mail and snail mail to the quartet and chorus contacts ahead of the July 1 st opening so make sure the District Events team has the most current contact information for your chorus/quartet if you intend to compete this year. You can send that to deenie0830@gmail.com. The form will be available online as well so individuals not associated with a chorus or quartet can use it to register if someone does not desire to go online and register directly via reg-fox. The quartet contest will begin on Friday October 4 th at 2:30 PM. The chorus contest will begin at 9:30 am on Saturday October 5 th . All contest sessions will be at the Newmark Theatre. All other events (evaluations, HOD meeting, afterglow) will be held at the Downtown Hilton.

Questions? Contact Deena Wolfe, District Events Director at deenie0830@gmail.com or call 541-556-2773.

The contest will be held at the Newmark Theatre in downtown Portland. All other events associated with the weekend will be held at the headquarters hotel, the Hilton Downtown Portland which is just down the street from the Newmark. 

BOOK YOUR ROOM NOW:  https://book.passkey.com/go/EvergreenDistrictoftheBHS2024

When making reservations at the Hilton, if you call, ask for EVERGREEN DISTRICT CONVENTION rate. Be looking for the direct link to their reservation system which will be posted on the EVG website as soon as we receive it. The room rate is $145 per night for either King/Double or 1 room suites. If your chorus would like to reserve a suite for a hospitality room, you can do that through their reservation system.

Information will be available in a few weeks about registration for District – when that will be available and what the costs will be. Jay Krumbholz will send information out about when competitors are able to register in Barberscore their intention to compete. 

The District Events Team is looking at locations for future conventions/contests as well as possible Spring events. If your chapter is interested in supporting an EVG Division or District event please contact me at deenie0830@gmail.com

There is an opportunity to collaborate with the Far Western District and do a joint District Event in conjunction with the Pan Pacific Barbershop Convention in 2026 in Honolulu, HI the very beginning of October 2026. At this time the Evergreen District is still planning to have their own convention Oct 2-3, 2026 (Location TBD).

Deena Wolfe, EVG District Events Director, Deenie0830@gmail.com541-556-2773

2023 District Memories

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Chorus Scoresheet

Quartet Finals Scoresheet

Quartet Semi-Finals Scoresheet


Platoon Champions, “Hang Time” (L-R): Todd Dignan (T), Greg Verhappen (L), Jeroen Beudeker (B), Iain Haukka (b)

Second Place Quartet, ““Raging Harmonés” (L-R): Aaron Weller (b), Jason Rogers (L), Todd Dignan (T), Jeroen Beudeker (B).

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This year proved to be one of the most successful Harmony Platoons ever thanks to the many participants who came prepared to sing, sing, sing!  

Each of the 37 participants (and 5 judges), 19 of whom were first timers, showed what “Everyone In Harmony” can be.  

It was hard to believe that these pick up quartets had not sung together in the past.  And the best part was hearing those ringing harmonies sustained throughout the rest of the weekend during those in between times!

Congratulations to all our participants, judges, and director (Iain Haukka), for helping to make the event run so smoothly and our sound come together so wonderfully!