EVG District


There are over 45 barbershop chapters within the Evergreen District boundaries which includes Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, and parts of Idaho and western Montana.


The chapters in our District are then subdivided into five Divisions:

Division 1: British Columbia and northwest Washington chapters

Division 2: Alaska and western Washington chapters

Division 3: Alberta chapters

Division 4: Oregon chapters

Division 5: Eastern Washington, Idaho, and Montana chapters



Without logging in to Member Center, you can click on the button above and go the the “Chapter / Chorus Finder” page to locate a chapter you want to contact or visit.  You will also notice an interactive map on the map.


Most of our chapters have a website or a Facebook page so you can see what they are doing.  A simple search on your favorite browser should help you find them (just put their chorus name and the town in your search).   If you find something to correct in the list below, email:  webmaster@evgdistrict.com

Location Chorus Director Website Type Chartered
Anchorage, AK Midnight Sons Phil Cheasebro http://www.midnightsons.com/ Men’s 12/26/1967
Bellevue, WA Northwest Mix Ken Potter http://northwestsound.org/ Mixed 10/17/1985
Bellevue, WA Northwest Sound Men’s Chorus Ken Potter http://northwestsound.org/ Men’s 10/17/1985
Bellingham, WA Mount Baker Toppers Turner Stiers http://www.topperschorus.org/ Men’s 10/19/1959
Boise, ID Boise Chordsmen Zach Groeblinghoff https://boisechordsmen.com/ Men’s 4/4/1957
Bozeman, MT Fusion Marco Ferro https://www.406acp.org/ Mixed 5/16/1975
Calgary, AB ACAPPELLA ROAD Adrian Smith http://www.sing4fun.ca/ Men’s 8/10/1990
Calgary, AB Pitch Please Beatriz Molero http://www.sing4fun.ca/ Women’s 8/10/1990
Calgary, AB Stampede City Chorus Chris Van der Baaren http://www.stampedecitychorus.com/ Men’s 5/14/1955
Canby, OR Oregon Trail Pitchpipers Caric Mitts http://www.pitchpipers.org/ Men’s 5/2/1967
Centralia, WA Two Town Tuners Gary Porter Check Facebook Mixed 8/30/1971
Chilliwack, BC Chilliwack Harmony Chorus Gerry Borden http://www.chilliwack.harmonysite.com/ Mixed 1/17/1985
Post Falls, ID Lake City Harmonizers Bianca Dixon Check Facebook Mixed 12/1/1981
Hood River, OR Wind Masters TBD http://www.wind-masters.org/ Men’s 3/22/2017
Edmonton, AB Grove City Chorus Carolyne Kenney Oehlerking http://www.ebhchorus.ca/ Men’s 12/16/1991
Eugene, OR Cascade Chorus Coby Foster http://www.cascadechorus.org/ Men’s 11/16/1946
Fairbanks, AK The Great Land Sounds Jo Knox http://www.mosquitonet.com/~flavell Men’s 9/24/1969
Federal Way, WA Harmony Kings Karen Caldwell http://harmonykings.org/ Mixed 2/21/1961
Portland, OR Rose City Timberliners Gary Shannon http://www.timberliners.org/ Men’s 7/14/1946
Burnaby, BC Pacific Spirit Voices Andry Layarda http://www.gof.bc.ca/ Mixed 5/13/1957
Helena, MT Last Chancers Roger Morton http://lastchancers.org/ Men’s 3/14/1973
Juan De Fuca, WA Juan de Fuca Harmony Linda Muldowney https://juandefucaharmony.org/ Men’s 6/17/1983
Kalispell, MT Flathead Valleyaires Jeff Houston http://sites.google.com/site/valleyaires/ Mixed 12/29/1972
Kelowna, BC Okanagan Vocal Harmony Peter McBride https://okanaganvocalharmony.org/ Mixed 11/15/1971
Kitsap County, WA West Sound Chorus Mike Menefee http://www.westsoundchorus.org/ Men’s 5/8/1978
Langley, BC First Capital Chorus Tiffany Chen http://www.firstcapitalchorus.org/ Men’s 5/22/1970
Missoula, MT Rocky Mountainaires Adam Elliott http://www.zootownharmony.com/ Men’s 4/8/1969
Lantzville, BC Rising Tide Mac Dallman http://www.tidesmen.com/ Mixed 5/22/1973
Lantzville, BC Tidesmen Martin Ketteringham http://www.tidesmen.com/ Men’s 5/22/1973
Nelson, BC Heritage Harmony TBD   Men’s 3/23/1998
Olympia, WA Puget Sounders TBD https://www.olympiamenschorus.org/ Men’s 8/25/1961
Newport, OR Coastalaires Jim Hoover http://coastalaires.wordpress.com/ Mixed 6/22/1995
Portland, OR Bridge Town Sound Iain Haukka http://www.bridgetownsound.org/ Men’s 11/12/2001
Portland, OR PDX Voices Rob Roman http://pdxvoices.org/ Mixed 9/3/2019
Portland, OR Vocal Summit Justin P. Miller http://pdxvoices.org/ Men’s 9/3/2019
Rogue Valley, OR Rogue Voices Bill Borah http://roguevoices.com/ Mixed 8/14/1990
Salem, OR Oregon SenateAires Will Fox http://senateaires.org/ Men’s 9/8/1954
San Juan Island, WA Island Chordsmen Plus Angel Michaels http://islandchordsmenplus.org/ Men’s 9/21/2000
Seattle, WA SeaChordsmen Elizabeth Davies http://seachordsmen.org/ Mixed 4/14/1949
Burnaby, BC The Squares Sean Huston http://thesquares.ca/ Men’s 4/1/2003
Spokane, WA Lilac City Voices Logan Shevalier http://www.lilaccityvoices.org/ Mixed 12/18/1951
Star, ID Star Harmony Chorus Rich Lapp https://starharmonychorus.com/ Women’s 3/11/2022
Tacoma, WA Tacoma Vocal Standard Sam Booth http://www.tacomavocalstandard.com/ Men’s 9/23/1946
Tualatin Valley, OR Harmony Masters Alex Fieken http://www.tualatinvalley.com/ Men’s 5/8/1974
Twin Falls, ID Magichords Jerrie Beyrodt http://www.facebook.com/magichords Mixed 9/22/1966
Vancouver, BC Thunderbirds Dave Vincent http://www.thunderbirdchorus.ca/ Mixed 5/19/1950
Victoria, BC South Island Harmony Kinza Tyrrell http://www.southislandharmony.com/ Men’s 1/15/1968
Yakima, WA Barbershop Harmony Yakima David Ramsey-Warner Check Facebook Men’s 11/23/1951