Planning a SHOW?

Get your Show Clearance Approved

Step 1: Notify the District Secretary

Send a request to the District Secretary by filling in this “Show Clearance Request Form.”  Make sure to give the show date and time information with your request.  If you’d rather, you can email this information to our District Secretary  Before items can be placed on the District calendar, a show clearance request must be submitted to the District Secretary.

Step 2: Review of Your Event

Upon receipt, your event will be reviewed by the secretary to ensure all pieces of information are ready and valid; If items are missing, you will receive follow-up for questions before we can post the information to the calendar. As well, the EVG District Secretary will ensure that show dates do not interfere with SAI, District or Division events and that shows do not occur within 50 miles of another chapter show on the same day.

Step 3:  License Requests for US and Canada

Once you are given preliminary approval, send in either the BMI/SESAC or SOCAN form (below) with payment to the District Secretary (address below).

Step 4: Completing the Process

Once the information is complete and there are no conflicts, the EVG District Secretary will approve the license and return a signed copy to the chapter.  The original of the approved form and the check will be forwarded by the EVG Secretary to BHS.

Show Clearance Request Form


BMI/SESAC License for Chapters in US.
      – Mail or send the completed form to the District Secretary along with a payment check.
      – Make sure to sign your form before mailing to the EVG District Secretary. 
SOCAN License Request for Chapters in Canada
      – Send or mail a copy of the form after you’ve filled it in to the District Secretary. 
      – SOCAN checks are mailed to SOCAN (address on the 4-pg form).
      – Make sure to sign your form before mailing to the EVG District Secretary. 

Mail the completed form and the accompanying payment check to :

Chris Powell
Evergreen District Secretary
11519 Durland Ave NE
Seattle, WA  98125

EVG District