Evergreen History

The Evergreen District was officially formed in 1947 when it broke off from the Far Western District to form the then-called Pacific Northwest Association of Chapters, SPEBSQSA, Inc.. Murph Murphy was elected District President; G.T. McDermott, Vice President; H.B. Molchior, Secretary; and, H.S. “Sam” Saari, Treasurer.

The District included the states of Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. During the next three years, 28 chapters were formed! Six are still in existence today: Portland (now the Rose City Timberliners…and the longest running chapter in Evergreen), Tacoma (Tacoma Barbershop Harmony (AKA TotemAires), Lake Washington (which merged with Bellevue in 1991), Eugene (Cascade Chorus), and Seattle (Seattle SeaChordsmen). The Greater Vancouver Chapter (Gentlemen of Fortune)–although not a part of our District back then–was chartered in 1957, so they get included in this list, too!

Other key developments in our early history include:

  • The 1949 addition of Alberta and the “Territory of Alaska” to the District
  • The Mountain-Aires (Enumclaw, WA) becoming the first District Quartet Champions
  • Adding British Columbia and Yukon Territory to Evergreen in 1950. Northern California was added in 1951, but later became part of the Far Western District.
  • In 1953, the Cascade Chorus became Evergreen’s first representatives to the International Chorus Contest. They finished 4th! Also in 1953, the district officially became the Evergreen District, as our borders had expanded beyond the Pacific coast.
  • In 1956, Cascade Chorus earned 2nd place in the International Chorus Contest. 

If you like history,
perhaps you’d like to become part of a committee to document what’s happened in EVG since 1997.  We have past Timbres, photos, and memories to pull from.   If so, contact:

The years since those early days have been filled with amazing leaders, chapters, quartets, conventions, and–most of all–members. We hope you’ll take a look around our site to learn more about the Evergreen District. If you’d like to learn about the history of organized barbershop singing in America, take a look at the video above. And if you would like to know about our champion quartets, visit the QCED (Quartet Champions of Evergreen District) website.

The following chapters (pdf format) tell the story of the early years in Evergreen District’s History from the beginnings in 1946 to 1997.  Compiled and written by Ray Greaves and Ed Hartley.

Available for download from EVG’s Google Drive.


1946-1949 – The Beginnings

1950-1958 – The Early Years

1959-1970 – Youthful Vigor

1971-1983 – Coming of Age

1984-1997 – Maturity (part 1)

1984-1997 – Maturity (part 2)