2022 Chorus Champions

Vocal Summit - Our 2022 District Chorus & Men's Chorus Champions
PDX Voices - Our 2022 Mixed Harmony Chorus & Small Chorus Champions
The Squares - Our 2022 District VLQ Champions

Returning from International
in Louisville

The Kelly Brothers, 14th - 83.1 avg
InVoice, 15th - 83.1 avg.
Argonauts, 36th - 80.1 avg
Vocal Summit, 10th - 87.0 avg
PDX Voices, 15th - 84.1 avg
Mugshot - Chorus Festival - "Superior"
Side Hustle (FWD/EVG), Next Generation Varsity - 73.6 avg

“Side Hustle” qualified for Next Gen with a score of 71, earned via video qualification sung at the FWD October contest in Fresno, CA. Following notification of our qualification, Jason was unable to commit to the Trip to Kentucky and so we switched around parts and brought Dallas in on Tenor. We traveled for a couple rehearsals – one in Sacramento and one in Las Vegas – and then met in Kentucky to put it on stage.  In the Varsity contest, we placed 13th with a score of 73.6. It’s been a dream of all of ours since we became barbershoppers to compete in this contest, and it was a beautiful day to see those dreams become reality.  

Shown in the photo are:  Dallas Halvorson – Tenor (FWD) From Sacramento, Ethan Albro – Lead (EVG) Portland Oregon Chapter, Camden Espino – Baritone (FWD) Las Vegas Chapter, and Antwun Puckett – Bass (FWD) Las Vegas Chapter

Past District chorus Champions

YearDistrict Contest LocationsDistrict ChampsDirector(s)Chorus LocationOther Champs/Categories
2022Federal WayVocal SummitJustin MillerBeaverton, ORPDX Voices – Mixed & Small Chorus Champions
The Squares – VLQ Champs
2021no contestno contestno contestno contest 
2020no contestno contestno contestno contest 
2019Spokane, WABoise ChordsmenIan KellyBoise, IDPDX Voices – Mixed & Small Chorus Champions
2018Spokane, WANorthwest SoundKen PotterBellevue, WA 
2017Vancouver, WASenateAiresSteve Morin & Will FoxSalem, OR 
2016Vancouver, WANorthwest SoundKen PotterBellevue, WA 
2015Spokane, WANorthwest SoundKen PotterBellevue, WA 
2014Surrey, BCNorthwest SoundDon RoseBellevue, WA 
2013Boise, IDSenateAiresSteve MorinSalem, OR 
2012Spokane, WASenateAiresSteve MorinSalem, OR 
2011Spokane, WANorthwest Vocal ProjectNeal BoothWestern Washington  
2010Portland, ORNorthwest Vocal ProjectNeal BoothWestern Washington  
2009Whistler, BCNorthwest Vocal ProjectNeal BoothWestern Washington  
2008Boise, IDSenateAiresSteve MorinSalem, OR 
2007Bellevue, WASenateAiresSteve MorinSalem, OR 
2006Spokane, WASenateAiresSteve MorinSalem, OR 
2005Calgary, ABNorthwest SoundDenny StiersBellevue, WA 
2004Surrey, BCSenateAiresSteve MorinSalem, OR 
2003Spokane, WASenateAiresSteve MorinSalem, OR 
2002Anchorage, AKSenateAiresSteve MorinSalem, OR 
2001Surrey, BCSenateAiresSteve MorinSalem, OR 
2000Portland, ORSenateAiresSteve MorinSalem, OR 
1999Spokane, WASenateAiresSteve MorinSalem, OR 
1998Eugene, ORSenateAiresSteve MorinSalem, OR 
1997Tacoma, WASenateAiresSteve MorinSalem, OR 
1996Portland, ORGentlemen of FortuneCharles MetzgerNew Westminster, BC, CA
1995Spokane, WAGentlemen of FortuneCharles MetzgerNew Westminster, BC, CA
1994Tacoma, WANorthwest SoundBobby Gray Jr.Bellevue, WA 
1993Spokane, WAVocal GentryTim McCormicWest Portland  
1992Eugene, ORNorthwest SoundBobby Gray Jr.Bellevue, WA 
1991Calgary, ABNorthwest SoundBobby Gray Jr.Bellevue, WA 
1990Spokane, WANorthwest SoundBobby Gray Jr.Bellevue, WA 
1989Portland, ORCascade ChorusDenny StiersEugene, OR 
1988Spokane, WANorthwest SoundBob BrockBellevue, WA 
1987Eugene, ORCascade ChorusDenny StiersEugene, OR 
1986Calgary, ABNorthwest SoundBob BrockBellevue, WA 
1985Portland, ORCascade ChorusDenny StiersEugene, OR 
1984Spokane, WAStampede City ChorusRandy PetersCalgary, AB, CA 
1983Eugene, ORCascade ChorusMel KnightEugene, OR 
1982Portland, ORCascade ChorusMel KnightEugene, OR 
1981Vancouver, BCRose City Close Harmony Music MenSteve KyesPortland, OR 
1980Seattle, WALake Washington Skippers Bob JonesKirkland, WA 
1979Calgary, ABLake Washington Skippers Stu TurnerKirkland, WA 
1978Spokane, WARose City Close Harmony Music MenSteve KyesPortland, OR 
1977Portland, ORRose City Close Harmony Music MenSteve KyesPortland, OR 
1976Spokane, WARose City Close Harmony Music MenSteve KyesPortland, OR 
1975Portland, ORLake Washington Skippers Jack LyonKirkland, WA 
1974Spokane, WALake Washington Skippers Denny StiersKirkland, WA 
1973Edmonton, ABLake Washington Skippers Denny StiersKirkland, WA 
1972Seattle, WASea-ChordsmenBill FlaniganSeattle, WA 
1971Vancouver, BCSea-ChordsmenBill FlaniganSeattle, WA 
1970Calgary, ABSea-ChordsmenBill FlaniganSeattle, WA 
1969Portland, ORSea-ChordsmenBill FlaniganSeattle, WA 
1968Spokane, WAOregon PitchpipersWayne SchumacherCanby, OR 
1967Salem, ORSea-ChordsmenBill FlaniganSeattle, WA 
1966Vancouver, BCStampede City ChorusDon ClarkeCalgary, AB, CA 
1965Portland, ORSenateAiresJerry DarbySalem, OR 
1964Seattle, WALake Washington Skippers Jim MarichKirkland, WA 
1963Spokane, WAPages of HarmonyBill FlaniganSpokane, WA 
1962Portland, ORSenateAiresBud LeaboSalem, OR 
1961Bellingham, WAStampede City ChorusDon WeldonCalgary, AB, CA 
1960Eugene, ORCascade ChorusBud LeaboEugene, OR 
1959Vancouver, BCStampede City ChorusDon WeldonCalgary, AB, CA 
1958Portland, ORLake Washington Skippers Gene BrownKirkland, WA 
1957Seattle, WACascade ChorusBud LeaboEugene, OR 
1956Vancouver, BCLake Washington Skippers Gene BrownKirkland, WA 
1955Portland, ORCascade ChorusBud LeaboEugene, OR 
1954Everett, WACascade ChorusBud LeaboEugene, OR 
1953Portland, ORCascade ChorusBud LeaboEugene, OR