District Contest
Federal Way, WA - Oct 21-23, 2022

The excitement is building – you won’t want to miss this District weekend!!

The Barbershop Reunion of Friends,

otherwise known as the Evergreen District Barbershop Chorus and Quartet Contest and Convention

IS HAPPENING in Federal Way on Friday and Saturday, October 21st & 22nd.  

Quartets and choruses will be singing in the fabulous Federal Way Performing Arts and Events Center located just off I-5, a short distance from Sea-Tac airport. The contest will be all-inclusive, with male and female choruses and quartets, VLQs,

and mixed choruses and quartets — along with some festival performances mixed in.


29 Quartets!    18 Choruses!!




This is a wonderful opportunity to hear chords ring with your friends from throughout the District.
For fun come early (or drop in) to enjoy the Harmony Platoon performances starting Thursday evening, October 20.
31510 Pete von Reichbauer Way S
Federal Way, WA 98003
- - - - -
Winners of our September drawing for FREE District
registrations are: Jim Glasspoole and Nancy Jeffery

Jim Burbidge,
Event Chairman


Rob Macdonald
Evg. Dist. Chairman of Events

Larry Breitbarth,

Registration Chairman larry.breitbarth@gmail.com

District Convention - Order of Appearance

QUARTETS –  5:30pm – Friday Evening

(download pdf of quartet singers)


mic testers – Harmony Platoon Champ

  1. Belltown
  2. Sound Celebration
  3. Metzin’ Around
  4. In the Key of Life
  5. Sound Byte
  6. InVoice
  7. The Squares
  8. Friends Club
  9. Attention Shoppers
  10. Noteworthy
  11. Eventide
  13. 1-Up
  14. Dads and Lads



  1. 7th Heaven
  2. Silvery Tides
  3. Vocal Vintage
  4. Top Of the Hill
  5. The Archives
  6. DERP
  7. Alloy
  8. Argonauts
  9. Mirth
  10. Under the Radar
  11. Brotherhood of the RING
  12. Post-It-Notes
  13. Social Insecurity
  14. Mixed Berries
  15. Chords on Delivery

CHORUSES – 10:00am – Saturday Morning

(download pdf with directors listed)


  1. All Comers Mic Tester Chorus
  2. Northwest Mix (Bellevue, WA)
  3. Boise Chordsmen (Boise, ID)
  4. Pitch Please (Calgary, AB)
  5. Cascade Chorus (Eugene, OR)
  6. Bridgetown Sound (Portland, OR)
  7. Northwest Sound (Bellevue, WA)
  8. West Sound Chorus (Kitsap County, WA)
  9. Acappella Road (Calgary, AB)
  10. The Squares (Southwest BC)
  11. Vocal Summit (Portland, OR)



  1. Seattle SeaChordsmen (Seattle, WA)
  2. Pages of Harmony (Spokane, WA)
  3. PDX Voices (Portland, OR)
  4. Mount Baker Toppers (Bellingham, WA)
  5. Tacoma Vocal Standard (Tacoma, WA)
  6. Federal Way Harmony Kings (Federal Way, WA)
  7. Star Harmony Chorus (Meridian, ID)
  8. EVG Harmony Platoon

You can also register at the door!

31510 Pete von Reichbauer Way S
Federal Way, WA 98003


LaQuinta Inn & Suites

31611 Pete von Reichbauer
Way S

Federal Way, WA 98003


There are numerous hotels in the area. Since contest is next week, use  your favorite booking app to see what might be available.

Hampton Inn & Suites Seattle/Federal Way

31720 Gateway Center Blvd S,
Federal Way, WA 98003


Harmony Platoon
October 20-21, 2022

To purchase music for $25 US, visit: https://www.harmonyplatoon.org
(Click on “Get Flyer” for the International Harmony Platoon July 7 – 9, 2022 and follow the instructions).


If you’re attending our District Convention and you’ve bought the Platoon music and can have at least 2-3 of the Platoon Songs off paper by October 20, let us know.

 We’d love to have you sing with us! 

Email Greg Verhappen at gverhappy@shaw.ca for more information or fill in the form to the right so we know you’re planning to attend!

 Platoon starts about 6:30 pm on Thursday, October 20 and finishes on Friday, October 21 in the afternoon.

Hope to see you there!



CLICK HERE for a pdf of the list of songs and more details (which were in the July Greensheet) See the Greensheet or link below for song list.



The Barbershop Reunion of Friends, otherwise known as the Evergreen District Barbershop Chorus and Quartet Contest and Convention IS HAPPENING in Federal Way on Friday and Saturday, October 21st & 22nd.  Quartets and choruses can still enter the contest through contest portal on the BHS website.  You can obtain more information and enter the contest by clicking on this link:

If you have a problem please contact customerservice@barbershop.org .

BHS is managing all contest entries,
so we really cannot help you with any problems.

The deadline for choruses and quartets to enter
the EVG fall contest is September 21. 

With good cause, our DRCJ (Jay Krumbholz) can accept/approve late entries, but per BHS contest rules, under no circumstances can a group enter a contest less than 7 days prior to the contest.

A few notes from Jay Krumbholz, the Evergreen District Representative for Contest and Judging:

With so many awards at this year’s convention up for grabs, I thought I’d share some information about those awards.

  • First, a single chapter can send up to two choruses to a contest.  For example, a chapter can send a men’s AND a separate women’s group, but cannot send a mixed chorus that is simply a combination of the 2 groups. (That’s a third group.)  
  • Second, BHS has a 75% rule currently place to address the issue of one chapter sending a larger, say, men’s chorus and a smaller mixed chorus. It states that no more than 75% of the smaller group can be part a larger group competing for the same award.
  • Third, there’s a new award at District this year: the VLQ (Very Large Quartet) champion. The intent (and spirit) of the award is to encourage small chapters that may not be able to put together a 12-person chorus to come and sing anyway! A VLQ has 5-11 members and is not eligible for any of the chorus awards (since they’re not a legal chorus). A VLQ should come from a single chapter that does not have any other choruses in the contest.
  • Finally, all contestants must be members of BHS and the EVG district.

Festival Singing!!!

Do you belong to a non-BHS group and would like to come sing (and be evaluated) at the convention? Contact Jay!  He can help with any questions you might have concerning the upcoming contest, including song selections: jay_krumbholz@hotmail.com.


Festival presentations will be available for any group that wants to participate but not compete. Non-competing choruses will perform during the chorus competition and non-competing quartets will sing during the quartet contest. VLQ’s, both competing and festival performers, will sing during the QT contest.


  • Festival entries must notify Jay Krumbholz about signing up to sing definitely before October 7th. 
  • Festival entries do not need to be BHS members, but all singers must have an All-Events registration
  • Quality evaluation sessions (optional) can be arranged for when working with Jay. A small fee might be applied.
  • Festival performances are not eligible for any awards.

Every competitor needs to register for the convention at:


We are doing our best to make this contest as easy to register and as affordable as possible. 

  • You can save $20 by taking advantage of Early Bird Registration before Friday, September 16th
  • On-line registration will close on Sunday, October 11
  • There will be an additional fee for on-site registration, as it will take valuable time at the registration desk to complete. 
  • The afterglow at the PAEC is included in your registration package.

Larry Breitbarth, Registration Chm. larry.breitbarth@gmail.com

Jim Burbidge, Event Chm.        jimburbidge@comcast.net

Rob Macdonald Evg. Dist. Chairman of Events            bassrgm@gmail.com

Let’s have a Tag Party!!